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Dental Implant Cost, a brief overview

Dr. Yara Ramos D.D.S.

Dr. Yara Ramos D.D.S.

Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist

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The cost of dental implants- is it worth it?

dental implant costFor the time dental implants have been around their success rate is the best in the field of cosmetic dentistry. You may be wondering what dental implants look like or what they are. Cosmetic dentistry is a wide field to explore in a single sitting. We help you understand dental implants, the options available, pricing, financing and where to get the most affordable prices.

What are dental implants? Those who have had the opportunity of using the implants describe them as the best solution to solving teeth loss. They are used to fuse a prosthesis to the jawbone and gums. They are mainly made up of titanium. Other bio-safe materials are used too.

Qualifying for a dental implant

The qualification criteria for implants is quite simple. However, it has to be strictly followed at some level in order to achieve optimal results. Teeth loss can be due to poor hygiene, dental diseases or trauma. All this can influence your candidature for a dental implant or even the type of implant to be applied.

For optimal results here is what a dental implant patient needs to do or have.

Adequate jawbone density

This is essential since dental implants involve drilling the jawbone. It is in the spirit of achieving firm anchorage and to protect the underlying anatomical structures like nerves.

Periodontal diseases

This need to be treated first before an implant is installed to ensure it does not affect the durability of the implant or avoid further dental problems.

Lifestyle habits

Smoking especially during the osseointegration stage can prove to have thorough negative effects on the implant. Personal hygiene and regular dental visits need to be stepped up.

The patient has to be willing to undergo the operation and follow all instructions to the latter.

Dental Implant Cost

Dental implant cost in México range from a few houndreds to several thousand dollars. Factors that contribute to cost include:


This is quite easy to understand. Every geographical location has different pricing. This can be attributed to several factors such as operating costs that involve taxes from the government and the cost of items and even dentist office space cost. After all, it is a business that both the patient and the dentist benefit. However, the patient needs to quality for the money paid. This is mandatory.

Patient health

The health condition of the patient matters a lot. This will determine the complexity of the surgery involved and even the type of implant and materials to be utilized. The post-surgery dentist visits frequency is also impacted.

The necessity of prerequisite procedures

As mentioned before, before implants are installed, the patient has to go through a thorough examination to ascertain how ready he or she is for the procedure. In cases where the jawbone is hampering the main procedure, prerequisite procedures are initiated to help improve the jawbone.

Some of the prerequisite procedures include bone grafting and sinus lifts. The former involves harvesting of tissues that will augment the jaw and bring about new tissue growth. A sinus lift is the raising of the sinus floor and supplementing it. This is necessary when the sinus membrane sits too close to the implant installment location.

Number of implants to be placed

The price of a single implant averagely ranges from 5000 Mexican pesos to 8500 Mexican pesos. These prices are not inclusive of the operations required. It is subject to the brand and size of implant used. For instance, mini dental implants are priced lower than traditional implants. The level of anchorage differs between the two.

A single implant can only safely secure a single dental crown. You do not expect a patient who requires a single tooth replacement to pay the same amount as compared to one who needs a full jawbone replacement or even full mouth replacements. In the named cases, the procedures, time that is taken to replace, number of implants used vary. This are all directly proportional to the pricing.

However, the number of implants required should not scare you from achieving a broader smile or ease to communicate and your favorite foods. Modern techniques apply lesser implants that have the ability to support dentures and bridges that are full arch. These can be used to replace several teeth at a lowered cost. The all on 4 technique uses only four dental implants to anchor a whole jawbone. This is cheaper as compared to the usual six to eight implants required traditionally.

The prosthetic type the implant(s) will anchor

There are different types of prosthetics that are secured by dental implants. These vary according to the patient’s need, preference and willingness to spend on a specific one. Every individual prosthetic determines the type of implant securing it to the jawbone. The different implant options have unique pricing.

The price of an implant installation is subject to the mentioned factors and other dynamic factors such as timing. The pricing can be much lower or higher as per specific patient needs.

Payment for dental implants

There are many avenues to pay for the dental implants. In cases where the patient is insured, the insurance company usually pays for all or a portion of the fee towards the whole dental implant restoration procedure. It is however rare for the insurance to pay for the surgery involved in the installation. Third party institutions like banks come in handy in aiding qualifying patients to break down the payment into manageable installments.

Are dental implants really worth it?

The pricing of the implants may seem to be hefty to some. To most quality is priceless and with the level of durability and reliability that comes with dental implants, it is really worth the cost. In fact, a huge bargain. Where the dental implants rise a notch higher is the anchorage that they offer to the artificial crowns, dentures, crowns and other prosthetics. They are also safe with the human body. There are no major side effects associated with the dental implants or even the procedures involved.

Where to get affordable dental implants

For quality dental implants at a fair price schedule a visit to 757 dental solutions in Reynosa Tamaulipas Mexico. Dr. Yara Ramos and a qualified and experienced team of dental specialists will accord you with the smile of your life. You can contact the clinic for more information.

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  1. What would be the cost of two implants, number 18 and 19? Total cost of implant and crown if the bone is in good shape.

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