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What are Mini Dental Implants?

Dr. Yara Ramos D.D.S.

Dr. Yara Ramos D.D.S.

Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist

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A comprehensive guide to mini dental implants

There are two major types of dental implants, the standard implants, and the mini dental implants. The mini dental implants are a more fitting version of the larger implants. Previously the MDIs have been used as holding implants before full-sized implants were installed. After the insertion of the full-size implants, the mini dental implants have proved to be a better alternative to the replacement of small sized teeth and backing a loose denture.

Mini implants are designed to have a better fuse with the jawbone. Their strength is equaled to the standard implant. Normally the mini implants are made of titanium. Other biocompatible can be used too.

What are mini implants and who would choose them?

mini dental implants mexicoDental mini implants are not normally used by all patients who need implants. They are a perfect fit for patients who would not like or do not qualify for the conventional implant treatment. It is simple; some patients will avert the invasive surgery that comes with the standard implant restoration. To qualify for the standard implant, the patient has to achieve the required bone mass for the jawbone that is to be restored.

Other special considerations are patients who cannot afford to pay for the full-sized implant. The mini implants are also the better option when it comes to older people who cannot go for the conventional implants because of failing health or aging.

On the first visit to a dentist, the patient’s jawbone is scanned using X rays.  If the imaging reveals an exigent bone loss, the dentist recommends a bone graft in preparation for the implant insertion. The dentist may decline bone graft on account of health or age.

When such happens, a mini implant is a way to go. It is smaller as compared to the conventional implant, more affordable and does not require one to have a bone graft procedure.

Are they reliable?

The answer is a big yes. The mini implants are made to be strong, durable and reliable. With them, the patient can chew, laugh and talk with great ease. However, there are reservations. All other implants have theirs too, even real teeth. Poor hygiene and bad teeth use can cause wear and tear. In such a case, mini implants become cheaper to replace.

Mini implants are at their best when fixed to the lower jawbone.

What is the mini dental implant procedure?

As you can guess, it is faster to acquire a dental mini implant than a normal implant. The procedure does not take a lot of time.

To start with, a local anesthetic is given to the patient. The dentist drills the required number of holes in the jawbone, can be one or more according to the treatment required. This is to create room where the implant is to be fixed.

As mentioned beforehand, the MDI size is small. A corresponding screwdriver or finger driver is used for the insertion. To properly secure the implant, a ratchet wrench is put to task.

The denture is marked at points showing where the drilling was done hence the mini implant position.

At every point, a metal attachment snaps off and on the denture. The dentist is bound to show the patient how this can be done.

The whole process of fixing the mini implant takes an average of one hour. Considering how quick this procedure is, the patient is able to have a light meal some short time after the procedure.

What are the key benefits of a mini implant?

It has already been mentioned that mini implants are cheaper than conventional implants. Other benefits are laid bare below.

Little pain and sensitivity

The occurrence of pain cannot be fully ruled out after the procedure. However, with mini implants, the pain is lowered to near negligible degrees. This can be mainly attributed to minimalized bone and gum tissue disturbance during the procedure.

Quick procedure and healing

The patient spends little time at the clinic. The mini implants do not require a long time to heal.


Ever imagined falling of slipping implants when talking or eating? You guessed it right. It can get to be pretty embarrassing. The dental mini implants are firmly fixed to the jawbone to prevent such occurrences.

Better looks and improved eating habits

Dentures make eating a cumbersome task. Sometimes it can get uncomfortable to the extent of causing sourness. Mini dental implants counter these problems well. They bring great stability to the dentures. You can enjoy every taste of your meals.

Better looks come with higher confidence. Dentures make the dental formula to look disintegrated. Patients with dentures can afford broadened and confident smiles with the advent of the mini implants. This is good in boosting self-esteem for a more productive social integration.

Protecting the jawbone and teeth

Dentures can lead to the adjacent teeth becoming loose. The occurrence of jawbone loss due to dentures is inevitable too. Dentures ensure the jawbone is well covered and the teeth have no room for being shaky.

Caring for mini implants

To ensure durability proper care has to be taken. Below are a few steps on how to ensure long lasting mini dental implants

Good oral hygiene practices

It is advisable to brush twice and floss at least once a day. Use brushes that can reach between the teeth to clean the hard to reach surfaces around the implant.

Avoid drug abuse

Drugs are known to weaken the body’s bones, the jawbone included. The more you avoid them the better.

Visiting the dentist

After a period not exceeding six months, a dentist should perform some cleaning and examination of the implant condition. This can help in maintaining the implant in a good condition. Any problems that may arise are also dealt with in good time.

Avoid chewing hard foods

Hard foods can break your crown, even a natural crown. They can also bring sensitivity to an implant. Avoiding them is highly advisable.

It will not go without emphasizing on why a qualified dentist goes a long way in ensuring the durability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of using a dental implant. Send an email or schedule an appointment with Dr. Yara Ramos and 757 Dental Solutions in Reynosa, Tamaulipas in Mexico.

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